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Effective Communication Communication in Organization Its Nature, function & Scope Submitted to: Prof. Anchal Datta Submitted By: Roll No. 126 – Ms. Ekta Chhoda Roll No. 127 – Ms. Shweta Chimbalkar Roll No. 154 – Ms. Prachi Padwal Roll No. 155 – Prathamesh Panchal Roll No. 167 – Farhat Shaikh Roll No. 169 – Priti Shivsharan Roll No. – 171 – Aditya Tausalkar MHRDM 2nd Year Sem-III Acknowledgement It gives us great pleasure and deep satisfaction in presenting this project work undertaken as part of subject of Effective Communication of MHRDM, Div-C,2nd Year, Sem-3rd, arranged in order to gain practical knowledge in Effective Communication. We take this opportunity to sincere gratitude to several people with whose help and encouragement, we have been able to complete the project successfully. We express a sense of gratitude to our project guide Prof. Anchal Datta. She has guided us the valuable suggestions and continuous encouragement without which the project would not have been success. She has been a source of inspiration as she motivated us to work more productively and efficiently. We would like to thank all our collogues who have helped us, directly or indirectly throughout the entire project duration and always have been a source of encouragement. We would also like to convey special thanks to Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) college an institute of rare excellence in the field of Management. |Sr. No. |Particulars | |1 |Communication-Overview | |2 |Introduction | |3

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