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Business Communication Trend COM 285 By: Rolanda Wright Instructor: Date: September 7, 2011 Introduction Business Communication is changing everyday in the Business World today. In this environment communications is the key. With the technologies cautiously changing businesses needs to make sure that they are keeping up with the basic principals in Business communication. There are many different types of Business communication trends that can be used in the workplace such as, email communication, teleconferencing, and videoconferencing. There are four different types of Business Communication; Face to Face Communication, Telephone or Voicemail, Personal Written Messages, and Impersonal Written Messages, also communication can be verbal, non-verbal and written. With Fact to Face communication it reveals the most information than any of the other types of communications. With this type you can avoid confusion within the message. With the Telephone or voicemail communication, this would be the next best way to communication, which you also have an advantage with direct telephone conversations, unlike voicemail this type would be the least due to it doesn’t require an immediate response. With personal written messages, this is used through emails or online messaging, this demands attention from the recipient. With impersonal written messages, this is used for rules, policies, regulations and news within the workplace. With these communications in place it sometimes can be overwhelming, employees and supervisors can sometime avoid the importance of the message and also use improper communication when using email or online sites to communicate. When using these types of communications you must always remember to know when you have a positive

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