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The one thing I thought was most valuable in this class was: The most valuable from this Business communication module is that we had opportunity to study more practical material when compare to MBA core course such as Finance, Marketing. Communication is very important issue in real working environment so, this course is very good preparation before finish this Full time MBA and to the real work environment. This class also provided different interesting scenarios that help students understand more what is the best option to do for each scenario. In my opinion, people definitely have different way to communicate just like different PI then in order to successfully work with other people, you need to understand those people and adjust the way can should communicate to them. I think experience will help us to improve business communication skill. We need to know for example if we need help from another person, we should know what is the best way to ask for that help. Another interesting point is that, as I am an international student, it is harder to me to communicate in work place because both of language difficulty, different in culture and lack of business communication experience. The one thing I thought was least valuable in the class was: Eric Brown is very good and professional presenter however; the material that he presented was not that practical for me. He talked about “How to Lead Change and Influence People” and I think this book is not that practical. I think he should use his own experience more than referent to the books. Maybe I am the person that loves to listen and learn from other people experience. He should have a lot of interesting experience that can share with us. Real experience is much more practical than concept from the book. Also, for the slide S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals, I think he forgot to put first “R” stand for? Overall, he

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