Business Case-Talent Acquisition

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Business Case-Talent Acquisition Topic: Business Case-Talent Acquisition Presented by: YM Goals: Demonstrate the importance of putting more time, effort, and energy into the hiring process in an organization. Introduction: The following table has been created to offer key points to begin a good Talent Acquisition process. These points also provide general ideas about how organizations can save money and efforts at the same time. And with this information, the senior management team will learn about an effective and necessary process that must be taken in consideration to be able to increase revenues in long terms (not only in short terms), increase credibility (inside and outside the organization), as well as maintain legal compliances within the organization. Business Case-Talent Acquisition | HR-Talent Acquisition Team | GOALs | Effective Talent Acquisition | An effective talent acquisition must begin internally to be able to success externally. The organization should create a “high-level workforce plan” and identify “where additional talent is needed and where there is talent excess. For the talent needs, an effective staffing plan must be developed,”For this reason, it is critical to identify a specific development plan that “will develop new skills and knowledge in current employees.” And then, apply those processes to identify external individuals with the right skills that will help us to fill the additional vacancies, continue improving the process, and develop new trainings. | A workforce planning “should be both top down and bottom up” to work effectively. It is important to follow good strategies, capabilities, and drivers to have an effective talent acquisition process. | Argument:Time, Effort, & Energy | By increasing employees’ skills the organization will be able to: * Decrease turnover. * Increase credibility since
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