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Write (in this WORD doc)at least 50 words on each MLO and each ethical factor below based on the assigned case. Upload to the ilearn link “This Week’s Case”, print & bring to class, take notes during class and hand it in at the end of class. Comment on: Management-The captain of the ship when it left the port was Captain William Murphy, the harbor pilot. Harbor pilots are responsible for steering both incoming and outgoing tankers through the Valedez Narrows. After exiting the Narrows, Captain Murphy turned over the command to Captain Joseph Hazelwood. Later Captain Hazelwood turned over the command to Third Mate Gregory Cousins. Third Mate Cousins was not licensed to pilot a ship. Captain Hazelwood had set the automatic pilot to steer the ship southward into the inbound shipping lane and had instructed Mr. Cousins to maintain the course until ice chunks were passed. The ship hit the ice chunks and oil from the ship leaked everywhere. Marketing-The chairman of Exxon, Mr. Lawrence Rawl, decided not to go to Alaska where the oil spill was. He remained in New York City and made no direct comment upon the oil spill or cleanup operations for seven days. Other officials with Exxon also refused to comment. The first statement by the president of Exxon U.S.A, stated: “We do not know what caused this accident...Exxon’s response was prompt and consistent with the previously approved contingency plan.” Their marketing plan was to not comment directly and to state broadly that the company was prompt on the spill. Finance-Oil prices fell from $32/barrel in 1981, at the height of the power of the OPEC to $12/barrel in 1987, and then rose slightly to stabilize in the range of $15 to $20/barrel. The large oil companies are vertically integrated, with divisions for the exploration, production, and refining of crude oil, and for the distribution and marketing of oil

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