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Conducting Business with Argentina Argentina is a country found it South America; its descendants are of European origin, mostly Spanish and Italian. Spanish is the official language but Italian, German and English are also spoken. When one is trying to compete in the foreign market is important for the person to know how to communicate and conduct business with people of another country. Argentina has a mixed culture of European and Latin American and there ways of conducting business can be seen as being a mix of the two. First impressions are important to everyone and one way to make a very good one is with your appearance. The business attire in Argentina is very conservative; men wear dark suits and ties and women wear white blouses and dark suits or skirts. Maintaining eye contact is also very important while talking in a business situation. One must be very aware of the gestures being done because they could mean different things in Argentina. A pat on the shoulder is seen as a sign of friendship. Making a sweeping gesture that begins under the chin and continuous up over the top of the head show either “I don’t know” or “I don’t care”, so be aware and avoid this. By putting the thumb and finger together (as if holding a pinch of salt) you show a sign that means “hurry up”. Always cover you mouth while coughing or yawning, never place feet on furniture and never eat on the street or on public transportation for it is considered rude. Behavior is an important part in conducting business. In Argentina it is important to schedule appointments, especially because all decisions are eventually made by the heads of the companies. Business meetings starting at 8 p.m are not unusual and some can last until 10. Outside of the capital Buenos Aires it is not common to have business lunches for most people do home to eat lunch. In the capital however business

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