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ATCT/RAPCON Design Guide November 15, 2001 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS THE CIVIL ENGINEER MGen Earnest O. Robbins, II DIRECTOR, OPERATIONS AND TRAINING MGen Walter E. Buchanan, III DIRECTOR, AIR FORCE CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EXCELLENCE (AFCEE) Gary M. Erickson, PE DIRECTOR, DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION (AFCEE) Donald L. Ritenour, AIA CHIEF, DESIGN DIVISION (AFCEE) Mikeual Perritt, AIA COMMANDER, AIR FORCE CIVIL ENGINEER SUPPORT AGENCY Col Bruce R. Barthold COMMANDER, AIR FORCE FLIGHT STANDARDS AGENCY (AFFSA) Col Scott L. Grunwald DIRECTOR, AIR FORCE FLIGHT STANDARDS AGENCY (AFFSA) RESOURCES REQUIREMENTS Nazzareno H. Spurio, Jr. AFFSA CONTROL TOWER and RAPCON DESIGN Peter W. Charney DESIGN FIRM 3D/lnternational DESIGN GUIDE EDITOR (AFCEE) Rick Sinkfield, AIA CONTRIBUTORS Richard Rogers, 38 EIG John Alexin, 38 EIG/GU Paula Loomis, HQ ACC/CEC James Hunter, HQ ACC/DORO Bruce Hinkle, HQ AETC/AO Bert Cruzan, HQ AETC/CECF Mike Ates, HQ AFCESA/CES Karen Kivela, HQ AFCEE/EQ Sandy Warner, HQ AFCEE/DCD Fred Walker, HQ AFCESA/CESM Melissa Bartell, HQ AFMC/CEC James McElroy, HQ AFRC/CEC Nancy Speake, HQ AFSOC/CEC Will Williams, HQ AFSPC/CEPC Robert Brehm, HQ AFSPC/DOH Ed Kaiser, HQ AFSPC/DOSH John Tigue, HQ AMC/DOA Jeffrey McBride, HQ USAFE/CEC Gary Stevens, US Army Corps of Engineers Russel Hume, USAFA/CECE Stephen Creaghan, VOLPE Peter Kennett, VOLPE Philip King, VOLPE Theofilos Papadopoulos, VOLPE i Intro ATCT/RAPCON Design Guide November 15, 2001 ABOUT THIS GUIDE The Air Force mission is to defend the United States through control and exploitation of air and space. To do this safely and effectively, we must be able to manage our air and space force assets in the air and on the ground. An important element in this process is control of aerial port and vicinity airspace at our bases. That function is carried out from two of the most important mission facilities at an

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