Business and Negligence Torts Essay

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Business and Negligence A difficult match 1 Business and Negligence. A difficult match Flavia Ana Guez Business Law for Managers Prof. Maxine Mckenley March, 2015 Business and Negligence A difficult match 2 Living in a fast paced world like the one today is many times a blessing and a curse alike. As the evolution of technology is taking over, there is also a growing tendency of becoming negligent towards ourselves and the ones surrounding us. Every one of us owes the world the duty of refraining from acts that may unreasonably threaten the safety of others, and to some extent the duty of warning and event protecting the others. I strongly believe in the doctrine of responsibility. I believe that we have a duty towards the society, that is highly important and I agree that failing to fulfill that duty should attract consequences. When it comes to business entities, I believe there should be a higher degree of preventive thinking. Given the fact that your business acts like a gravity point for a number of people, attracting them to your location, the sense of duty should be hyphened because you and your profits are the reason why people walk in to your establishment to begin with. Nevertheless, there is a trend in suing public establishments and businesses , even thought there is no case at all, a trend of taking advantage of what might look like negligence or even provoking and exploiting the civil law of torts of negligence. So, as a business, should you be fully responsible for any harm or damage suffered by your patrons or should your responsibility be limited to foreseeable events? I believe that these situations are difficult to categorize because of the human factor. As

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