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Racial discrimination at the place of work Race discrimination entails treating somebody either an applicant or an employee in unfavorable manner because s/he belongs to certain race or because of personal characteristics related with race (i.e. skin color, hair texture or some facial characteristics). Color discrimination entails treating an individual unfavorably as a result of skin color complexion. In the place of work, race or color discrimination involves treating an employee unfavorably since the employee is married to (or related with) a person of certain color or race or because of an employee’s connection with a group or a race-based organization which is related in one way or another with persons from a certain color. When it comes to work station, race or color discrimination happens when it comes to any aspect of employment, for example hiring and firing, promotions, training, job assignments, layoff, fringe benefits and any other employment terms. In addition, harassment in the place of work involves racial slurs, derogatory or offensive remarks pertaining a person’s color or race, or depicting of symbols that are racially offensive. It is usually common Racial discrimination has resulted to various problems at our place of work. For instance, there is a lot of focus and wasting of time within the organization. Much of the time is being taken on meetings and creating of measures on how to curb discrimination. Much of the time and resources are shifted from the main objectives. Employees have lost motivation and morale of doing work therefore resulting to reduction in productivity. Those employees who felt aggravated as a result of discrimination tend to switch their jobs and have left to other organization. Their departure has forced the organization to spend the resources in hiring and training of new employees besides having low productivity of

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