Business And Divident Essay

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Nelida, I agree with you Twitter is an excellent tool for promotion. It is one the simplest, cheapest, uncomplicated and inconsiderable way of marketing for a business. More traditionally minded business owners don’t really know about the benefits of getting involved with social media. I think that any new business out there must have an account on twitter. |[pic]b. necessitates the recording of an estimated amount for|34. The matching principle | |bad debts. |a. requires that all credit losses be recorded when an individual | | |customer cannot pay. | | |b. necessitates the recording of an estimated amount for bad | | |debts. | | |c. results in the recording of a known amount for bad debt losses.| | |d. is not involved in the decision of when to expense a credit | | |loss. | |[pic]d. net Accounts Receivable will be understated. |35. If the amount of uncollectible account expense is overstated | | |at year end | | |a. net income will be overstated. | | |b. stockholders' equity

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