Business and Culture in India Essay

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Business of Culture in India S. Ananth Research Fellow Krisani Knowledge Resources Hyderabad Project Commissioned by Culture: Industries and Diversity in Asia (CIDASIA) Research Programme Centre for the Study of Culture and Society Bangalore May 2008 2 CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Newspaper Industry in India 3. Filmed Entertainment Market in India 4. Film Distribution – Multiplex Phenomenon 5. Funding the Film Business 6. Overseas Market for Indian Films 7. Home Video Market 8. Television Market in India 9. Cable TV Market in India 10. DTH Market in India 11. IPTV Market in India 12. Radio Market in India 13. Music Market in India 14. Internet Usage in India 15. Gaming Market in India Global Gaming Market 16. Animation Sector in India 17. Amusement Parks in India 18. Retail Market in India 19. Luxury Market in India Luxury Watch Segment in India Luxury Car Segment in India 20. Wedding Market in India 21. Gambling Market in India 22. Advertising Market in India 23. Out of Home Advertising Market in India 24. Art Market in India 25. Sports Market in India Horse Racing In India 26. Entertainment Companies in India 27. Emerging Trends in the Culture Industry 28. Select Bibliography 3 Business of Culture in Contemporary India Introduction This report titled the ‘Business of Culture in India’ attempts to compile statistical information as well as analyse the most important business trends in Culture Industry of contemporary India. The report is meant to provide a snapshot of the major components of the culture industry, the economics of the various components as well as a brief sketch of the regulatory environment in the industry. The report lays more emphasis on the market trends, the size of the market as well the latest developments rather than an analytical analysis of the nature of the culture industry. Wherever possible, the report has tried to understand

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