Business and Company Law Essay

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Law Tags: aglc, case law , law , legal, legislation A comprehensive guide to legal research created by the VU Law Library. Australian Guide to Legal Citation TABLE OF CONTENTS BOOK - JOURNAL ARTICLE - INTERNET MATERIALS - CASE LAW - LEGISLATION - THESES LOOSELEAF SERVICES AND ENCYCLOPAEDIA - GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS E JOURNALS - FOOTNOTES - IBID - ABOVE N - BIBLIOGRAPHY - ENDNOTE REFERENCING IS NECESSARY TO AVIOD PLAGIARISM, TO VERIFY QUOTES AND TO ENABLE READERS TO IDENTIFY AND CONSULT ANY ITEM TO FOLLOW-UP A CITED AUTHOR'S ARGUMENTS The Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) is recommended by Victoria University School of Law for preparing student assignments and research papers. USEFUL TIPS The most important principle in referencing is to be consistent All sources used in assignments, essays, reports and theses must be acknowledged in the text of your document by giving a footnote to identify the author's name (first name and surname) and publication details including date A 'reference list' or 'bibliography' at the end of your document contains the full details of all your references, arranged alphabetically by author's surname and grouped in specific sections Reference list and bibliography are terms often used interchangeably - a reference list only includes items you have cited in your assignment whereas a bibliography also inlcudes items you used to prepare your assignment (check with your lecturer/tutor which they require) A 'pinpoint' reference is used to identify the page within a work that is being referred to For more information check the following: Australian Guide to Legal Citation (Melbourne University Law Review Associtaion, 3rd ed, 2010) VU Academic Honesty and Preventing Plagiarism Policy Book BOOK The details required in order are: author - full first name (where possible) and surname (an author may also be editor/s,

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