Business Administration Level 2 Unit 1

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Unit one: Principles of personal responsibilities and working in a business environment Section 1 – Know the employment rights and responsibilities of the employee and employer 1. Identify four main points that would be included in a contract of employment. If possible, use an example contract to support your answer (feel free to obscure any confidential information). Employer’s/Employee’s name Start date: Main Place of Work: Job title: 2a) List three key points of legislation that affect employers in a business environment. Health and Safety Equality Data Protection 2b) List three key points of legislation that affect employees in a business environment. Pay and Pensions Health and Safety Employments Rights and Responsibilities 3. Identify a range of places where a person can find information on employment rights and responsibilities. You should identify at least two internal and two external sources of information. Internal: Line Manager, Employee Book External: Citizen Advice Bureau, Library 4. Describe how representative bodies can support employees. Representative bodies help by giving advice, support and guidance on matters in the workplace. This can also provide support in the case of a disciplinary action or if the employee is suffering any work related problems; they can also be used to liaise between employer and employee Trades union representative can support by pay and conditions, redundancy, transfer of business ownership, pension schemes, health and safety Non-union representative can support by accompanying you at a grievance or disciplinary hearing, receiving and giving information about parental leave schemes and other workforce agreements, making employees’ views known to management, combating bullying, harassment and unlawful discrimination. 5. Briefly describe employer and employee
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