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[pic] Business Administration Level 2 Hints and tips for Unit 5 Assessment Plagiarism – learners are reminded that plagiarism is not acceptable under any circumstances and that learners who persist on plagiarising work could be removed from the course. If you wish to use other information you have researched beyond the course materials: 1. Make sure it is additional to the Business Administration course material. 2. Make sure it supports/is relevant to your answer. 3. Quote the source. The main thing to remember when constructing each answer is to be as robust as you can. Try to include as much relevant detail from the learning materials as you can. It is very important to use your own words. The following information should be helpful to you. If you have any queries get in touch with your tutor using v-mail. Section 1 Q1. You need to describe the range of support activities that may be required when organising an event. Just listing the range of support activities is not sufficient. Q2. Make sure you complete all sections of the table. Section 2 Q1. Why is it important that you behave in a professional manner? By displaying professional behaviour how will this help the event? Also if you displayed unprofessional behaviour what could the possible consequences be of this? Q2. Think carefully about what constitutes professional and helpful behaviour. Does this include how you look & appear to people? What about how you speak with people? The non verbal communication you demonstrate? How should you deal with attendees & speakers queries/requests? Section 3 Q1. There are three types of problems that can occur whilst holding a business event. You need to include one example of each type of problem in your answer. Q2. For the three examples you have given in Q1 you need to give specific solutions of how you would overcome each of the

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