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Human Resource Management is increasingly considered a contemporary development that continues to reshape employment relationships (Beardwell, Holden, and Claydon, 2004). An attempt is made to consider it a tool that may have effectively replaced other management traditions like Personnel Management (PM) and Industrial Relations (IR), (Sisson, 1993). Another driver is to analyze a bundle of best practices (Purcell, 1999) such as high commitment management and their impact on employment relationships. Whatever the direction Human Resource Management remains a contemporary but evolving science dealing with complex beings in complex organizations and environments (Cusworth and Franks, 2003). Its attachment to business strategy and performance has given credibility to the descriptive of Strategic Human Resource Management (Analoui, 1999) and also facilitated broad thematic divide as to which practices are tailored from the traditional methods like Personnel Management (PM) and contemporary Human Resource Management itself. This thematic divide is now enhanced in approaches referred to as the “hard” and “soft” Human Resource Management. 2. Personnel Management/Personnel Manager Based on The British Institute of Personnel Management (1963), key features of personnel management included “a responsibility of all those who manage people as well as being a description of the work of those who were employed as specialists”. It aimed at efficiency and justice and emphasized on organizational development through the bringing together of the men and women in the organization and enhancing their individual and collective contributions to organizational success. It stood for fair terms and conditions at work. It should be however noted that categorizing “men” and “women” as different entities still hints the labor intensive practice of the

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