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Introduction This report investigates the organisation structural style and design, management and leadership control styles, motivation, and organisational culture of Toyota Motor Corporation. Moreover, this report will focus on analysis how the above theories influence the organisation and how important they are for the organisation. Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the biggest car manufacturing organisations in the world. In 2010, the car market share of Toyota was 11.2%, and it was top of car companies in the world. However, Toyota was not a car company and was a spinning mill at the beginning. In 1986, Sakiti Toyota, who was founder of the spinning mill, invented steam power looms for the first time in Japan and established Toyota spinning mill. He had continued to invent new types of looms, and the mill had sold a great deal of yarns and the looms. Therefore, Toyota spinning mill made a lot of profits. In 1931, Kiitiro Toyota, who was a son of Sakiti, would like to start the car industry because he expected that the import of Ford’s and GM’s cars from America would be limited by deterioration of relationship between Japan and America after the Manchurian Incident, so he believed that Toyota’s car would be bought by a number of people. However, employees in Toyota spinning mill strongly opposed the plan because the mill was generating enough profit and the plan was very risky, but he persuaded them and started the business. Then, the car industry greatly succeeded; hence, Toyota Motor Corporation was founded by Kiitiro Toyota in 1937. The type of business oraganisation Toyota Motor Corporation is a public limited company, and it has 50 manufacturing private limited companies in 26 countries such as Canada, Portugal, and China. Furthermore, its cars are sold in 170 countries now. In addition, Toyota has tied up with a lot of companies. For example,

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