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WEEK 11 Business Info systems REVISION Information management examines the organisational resource of information and regulates its definitions, uses, value and distribution ensuring it has the types of data/ information required to function and grow effectively. Information governance is a method or system of government for information management or control. Information compliance is the act of conforming, acquiescing or yielding information. Privacy is one of the most significant ethical and social issues facing organisations today. Privacy concerns the interest of a person to protect their life from unwanted intrusion and public scrutiny Australia as a nation is quite concerned about protecting the personal information of its citizens. Its primary privacy law is the Privacy Act 1988. The purpose of the Act is to make provision to protect the privacy of individuals with respect to how their personal information is collected, used and disclosed by an organisation. If an organisation’s employees use computers at work, the organisation should, at a minimum, implement e-policies. e-Policies are policies and procedures that address information management along with the ethical use of computers and the internet in the business environment. p.g 482 An acceptable use policy (AUP) requires a user to agree to follow the policy in order to be provided access to corporate email, information systems and the internet. Non-repudiation is a contractual stipulation to ensure e-business participants do not deny (repudiate) their online actions. A non-repudiation clause is typically contained in an AUP. Many businesses and educational facilities require employees or students to sign an AUP before gaining network access. When signing up with an email provider, each customer is typically presented with an AUP, which states the user agrees to adhere to certain stipulations. p.g

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