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1. Voting for the leaders of each senate did not go very well. I feel as though it was too unrealistic. It ended up being a popularity contest like always, and the popular kids were almost all of the leadership in the project. I did vote therefore I participated. 2. Bill writing, class work, and teamwork were all in proper proportions. Well spaced out project, lots of time to write a quality bill. I participated in all three sections, and I think it was easier to do the busywork with a partner. 3. Committee assignments and community chairperson selection process worked well to my knowledge. Voting once again was popularity based. I participated in this section. 4. Committee meetings were cool, two days to propose amendments for possible bills before congress. It was a nice break from class. I participated. 5. The real mock congress activity was fun for about an hour and then it was like beating a dead horse. People frequently got bored and dozed off or made strange motions to rule change. I participated because it was required. I feel there should have been a different selection of bill topics, possibly something more exciting. Other then that, I’m glad I did it and its over with. 6. I feel as though the time was way too long, If I were in charge I would allot 4 hours to mock congress as opposed to 12+. 7. Everybody including myself acted flawlessly for most of the first day, and most of the second day as well. It was easy to pretend I was a professional senator. 8. Ridicules motions, breaking character, and passing personal notes were three ways it was not realistic. 9. Mock Congress was realistic in the sense that people wore proper attire, obeyed rules most of the time, and a real gavel was used. 10. I should have made note cards to be better prepared for a possible statement. I would have been able to follow debate easier. 11. I did well. I typed a

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