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This Information Systems (IS) proposal examines and identifies systems and technologies to support the success of the opening of a brick-and-mortar nostalgic record store called Tower records under consideration to be jointly owned and operated by myself and business partner and located in the downtown Sacramento area. This proposal will define pros and cons of various information systems available to businesses that may support the success of the proposed record store. Business Description The business model opens one storefront in the Sacramento Market Street area offering nostalgic, vintage and rare recordings on both original vinyl and digital formats. The target customer is the eclectic Sacramento public as well as buyers searching the internet for hard to find and vintage music. Record albums purchased via e-commerce will be shipped using Federal Express or UPS carriers while digital media will be delivered via download. Both business partners will act as general managers overseeing operations and profitability, facilities and as the chain of command for store managers. The store staff will include a store manager and a team of five sales floor persons, one internet customer service and sales representative reporting to the store managers, one inventory control and stocking manager reporting directly to the business partners. The store manager will be responsible for staff management, training, staff scheduling, payroll and business-to-customer (B2C) transactions. The inventory and stocking manager will track sales and inventory, business-to-business (B2B) transactions using sales data. Proposed Organizational Informational Systems 5 Proposed Informational Systems Summary Office Automation System Functional Area ISs Tools used to automate office and administrative tasks throughout daily operations. This IS required for the accurate

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