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The envision I see for the future of business is 50/50. Business here in the U.S. really depends on how the economy is doing. The consumers will buy less when the economy is low due to the fact that they are going to save more money instead of spending it frivolously because of the fear of a recession, but when the economy is doing good, consumers seem to spend more money especially on a whim. Right now as of today, with the economy slowly getting better I think that we are going to see business pick back up which will open up more jobs for the unemployed. As previously stated it really is up to the consumers in this world to keep it running and keep businesses going. In our readings and with the research we’ve done on our assignments, I always ran into how we had been in recession before and we recovered from it, I see us always going to be in and out of recessions. For a business other than one I have worked for, I am going to choose a local tattoo shop here in Nebraska. It is a tattoo shop name Dr. Jacks, which was established in 2003 with the first location in Millard. Since 2003, Dr. Jacks has successfully opened four other locations throughout eastern Nebraska. Since no two of their tattoo shops are the same, the one I’m going to concentrate on is the one here in Fremont. It is difficult to say how the economy has affected Dr. Jacks because with each location the population plays a major role in this industry. Here in Fremont, even with the way the economy had been declining they did not experience much of a change in their business, the tattoo artist here in 2009 alone tattoo close to 700 tattoos on clients and that’s including pieces that took 10+ plus hours of work. Tax season and summer time is usually their busiest time of the year. When is comes to the possibility of opening up new shops there is a lot of research that goes into it for example the

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