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“ Decision Making” 1) Your old phone is not working well. You need to buy new one. Step 1 The most common problem of the Nokia is that it takes a lot of time to charge and after taking a lot of time the battery runs out so quickly by just browsing face book, using what’s app, send an email etc. Other biggest problem is sometimes problem happen in opening PDF files and it does not have big screen which i want. Step 2: After looking all situation I analysis that I'll have to buy a new cell phone which should be best in quality, reliable and should have everything which i want. Step3 : Then I decided that the mobile phone which I will purchase should have Long battery time ,Opens PDF files, Wi fi ,Big screen ,High resolution camera. Step 4: The mobile phone which I am going to purchase is Nokia Lumia, or I phone 6 because the reason is that all three have larger screen and can operate PDF files. They also do have long battery time which is much important for me. Step 5: The most important thing for me is that I want to have the high processor and RAM speed and high resolution camera for taking selfies so I will prefer I phone 6 or Nokia Lumia. Step 6: I will select I phone 6 because of high processing and RAM speed, PDF files can be easy downloaded and we can easily download any file from Google. Step 7: At last and finally I bought a new android smartphone. Step 8: It is a really awesome and wonderful experience using I phone 6. I am really loving it. 3) Your old dress is not in a condition to use anymore. You need to buy new one. Step 1: As we all of us know that fashion industry is fastly moving forward so there is always change in fashion every day and so such because of new functions I have to buy new dresses. Step 2: As i have to attend some wedding functions so i would to have to buy a formal

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