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Managing communication Student’s name Professor’s name Course title Date Introduction Communication is an important tool in organizing and sharing information among the employee and the employer. In today’s organizations or businesses, managing communication is the most determinant of the future in their operation. Because of the increased competition in the world today, companies are welcoming every type of gadgets that improve communication. The new devices or organization are meant to reach the customers easily and thus increase the market share and also increase the strength of completion in an organization (Paul, 2006). The paper discusses the processes needed to improve communication and identify the actual stakeholders in the business. The organization may use email, written letters, and fax and telephones to inform the stakeholders. LO1 1.1 Range of decision making Decision making is considered as the foundation of every business; therefore, every organization should embrace this aspect when starting up. There exist different types of decisions that every organization should embrace namely; Strategic decisions; an organization should consider strategic decision for future purposes. Strategic decisions are also considered according to an organization’s vision and undertaking, and are always implemented by the executive (Wilson, 2000). Tactical decisions; an organization should consider tactical decisions for a short period. Tactical decisions are always concerned on how execute plan. This strategy includes the type of market an organization should take up and the number of extra workers an organization should employ. Operational decisions; Are made according to strategic and tactical decisions, and are linked to the manufacture and organization expansion. Operational decisions are not used regularly and

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