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Patricia MCKinsey ENC 1101-72 Individual Work Week 3 1. What categories of publications are listed under “your results”? a. Magazines-7583 b. Academic journals-649 c. Books-4 d. News-12577 e. Images-32 f. Videos-310 g. Audios-154 2. Where is the article’s source citation? Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition) Snyder, Mark, and Donna Painter. "Think inside the box package engineering." Technology and Engineering Teacher Mar. 2014: 32+. General OneFile. Web. 29 Apr. 2014. Document URL 3. How many results in the magazine category are there now after reefing your search with the keyword “IPod”? h. 1659 Part 2 4. Look through your results. (Refine it towards your thesis if necessary.) Find five articles (journal, magazine, news, or other) that you can use to write your essay and copy and paste their source citations (in APA format) into your answer. i. Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition) Fabicon, Joanna K. "Zimmern, Andrew. Andrew Zimmem's Bizarre World of Food: Brains, Bugs, & Blood Sausage." School Library Journal Aug. 2011: 131. General OneFile. Web. 29 Apr. 2014. Document URL j. Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition) Sifton, Sam. "Home Cooking, Chef-Style." The New York Times Magazine 23 Mar. 2014: 40(L). Expanded Academic ASAP. Web. 29 Apr. 2014. Document URL k. Source Citation (MLA 7th Edition) Hamm,

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