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Catalogue Executive Summary 1 1. Introduction 1 2. Team Development Analysis 2 2.1. The Forming Stage 2 2.2. The Norming Stage 2 2.3. The Storming Stage 2 2.4. The Performing Stage 3 2.5. Conclusion 3 3. Team Roles Analysis 3 3.1. Miss S 3 3.2. Miss. M 4 3.3. Mr. H 4 3.4. Me 4 4. Personal and Interpersonal Skills Analysis 5 4.1. Personal Skills Analysis 5 4.2. Interpersonal Skills Analysis 5 5. Team Effectiveness Critique 6 5.1. Analysis of the Score 6 5.2. Conclusions and Recommendations 7 References 8 Executive Summary Effectiveness of my MBA team is discussed in this assessment. This article will discuss about team development, team roles, personal and interpersonal skills. In the last part of paper, I evaluated the team’s effectiveness by the Alexander (1985) model. There are four participants with different personalities in this group and we enjoyed the ache and happy time. We faced many problems and had heated discussions. Fortunately, we have shown great team spirit to solve all the problems solidly. Finally, we become good friends and learned much from each other. 1. Introduction According to this paper, my group work experience for four weeks will be discussed in four directions: team development, team roles, personal and interpersonal skills, and team effectiveness critique. Then I will provide several examples to support each section. In this project, our team has been asked to write a report about making decisions to invest an industry in two countries. There are four participants in our team. Miss S is our leader, she has a great personal ability and she is very aware of our purpose, she is a very flexible and positive person, always willing to learn. Even better,

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