Business 561: Legal Issues In Business

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Business 561-Legal Issues in Business Property Barney decided to retire from his job as a deputy sheriff. Barney saved and invested his money wisely over the years so that he would have a comfortable retirement. Barney’s retirement did not turn out to be as comfortable as he thought it would because of the complicated problems that arose with his properties. Barney was already dealing with a property issue with Andy’s son, Opie. Barney decided to do some fishing on his property located in the mountains. Upon Barney’s arrival to his property he encountered a problem, and that problem was Ernest living on the property which Barney owned. Barney could not do any fishing because Ernest was shooting at him so he decided to go to his beach property. Upon arriving at Carolina Beach Barney discovered that the beach property he owned had been taken over…show more content…
(Orth, John V., January 1991) So Barney would have to pay the lenders off or give Andy’s share of the land to the lender company. Second, Barney wanted to go fishing on his beach property, but encountered a problem with Ernest being at the property claiming adverse possession. Adverse possession happens when the real owner does not visit the property and someone stakes claim to that property by living there for a certain period of time. Barney had not visited the property in over twenty years; adverse possession says “that after a certain period of time not even the true owner of a piece of real property can bring an action to eject an unauthorized possessor of the property” (Jeffry M. Netter, Philip L. Hersch, William D. Manson, December 1986) Adverse Possession transfers the ownership of the property from Barney, the true owner, to Ernest who is currently using the property. Ernest established the title in property without Barney’s consent and without paying a penny to Barney because he possessed the property in front of the general public and his
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