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Assignment 3 – Australian manufactured eucalyptus oil exports from Queensland to China Author Institution Instructor Date Executive Summary Selling new products in international markets may not be easy due to the different business and social networks of the host country. However, if a product is important to the economy and population of the host country, it will be profitable for an international investor to introduce the product into the host country. For example, manufactured Eucalyptus oil exports can be profitable in China because China has a large population and a fast-growing economy. There is also a high demand for oil products because the product has many uses which correspond to the lifestyles and social aspects of people living in major cities of China including Beijing and Shanghai. Therefore, it is feasible for a company to export Eucalyptus oil products from Australia to China. This report research proposes a promotion concept that includes various elements of the promotional mix including media advertisement, internet marketing and publicity. These elements will involve a marketing communications process that passes an important message that contains the benefits of the product. The message will also be intended to create awareness of the product and its importance to distributing organisations. The message will be based on the mission statement: to sell the best quality of natural Eucalyptus oil to keep you healthy, fit and beautiful every day. This will attract customers. In terms of distribution strategy, this report proposes the use of agents and intermediaries to distribute products to consumers in major cities and towns of China. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 1. Introduction 4 2. Market Research, Analysis and Target Market 4 3. Promotional Concept 7 4. Distribution Strategy 10 5. Conclusion 11 6.

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