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Social media and mobile technology and Representation in the physical and virtual world As an online intermediary, third-party marketplaces aim to attract both sellers and buyers from both virtual bargains and physical markets. Consequently, THE WEBSITE, a marketplace of task solving for online users, requires different marketing strategies on different platforms. In real world, competitive businesses tend to consult professional departments and companies for suggestions and solutions. For example, when a business needs a logo, advertising slogan or even decoration scheme, it might outsource it to other companies with expertise in related field. In contrast, when it comes to individual customers, seeking ideas from professional organizations might not seem economic to some extent. Since there is no limitation of tasks posted on the website, as long as it does not violate law, real-world advertising does not necessarily have specific locations. Moving vehicles such as buses and taxies can be regarded as suitable carriers of the advertising. Slogans and a QR code are to be printed on the car body. As for promoting in virtual world, three main ways are listed below: First, a Wechat public ID is to be registered, which will be operated by a programmable robot. (I still need some academic supportive references. ) Second, based on user browsing cookies, several tasks specified to a certain user’s histories are to be posted on their browser when they log onto some websites with portals of advertising, like Facebook and Twitter. Third, PPC. (It’s about competitive ranking on search engines. I haven’t figured out a way to extend

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