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Unethical Business Research: Tuskegee Syphilis Study Damaris Medina RES/351 Business Research November 20, 2012 Charlene Dunfee There have been many cases where unethical business research has been conducted. This type of research can include situations like the researchers asking inappropriate questions, using the participant’s information in other places other than what the participants know about, and/or tampering with the results of the research, just to name a few. One case where unethical research was conducted was the research of the Tuskegee Syphilis study. This study was a 40-year study that included 400 men, which were promised to have free health care. The participants were willing to do the research because of what they were being promised. They never received the treatment they were promised. This was conducted on African American men. They each had syphilis, and were never given the appropriate treatment for the disease (Poythress, Epstein, & Stiles, 2011). Syphilis can cause very painful symptoms and can even be deadly. They were never told what the consequences would be when they participated in the research. There was a cure for the disease, but were never informed about it (Poythress, Epstein, & Stiles, 2011). The fact that the participants were not informed about the risk that came along with this research, is what makes this case unethical. They should been informed about all of the risks that came along with what they were participating in. In order for the researchers to find out what the side effects were, they let the disease play a toll on all 400 participants. They never did anything to stop the disease from getting worse, even after the researchers got all of their information needed to explain what happened to people who got the disease (Poythress, Epstein, & Stiles, 2011). The researchers continued to allow the

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