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Executive summary With the rapid development of globalization, the corporation among different countries is closer. As a manufacturing firm in Australia, the company is keen to internationalize by a “Greenfield” foreign direct investment via sole ownership. The main purpose of this report is to introduce the investment environment of South Korea and Nigeria for the Australian manufacturing firms. Firstly, a brief introduction of South Korea will be given, and then it will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of investing in here. Secondly, the legal system of South Korea should be put into consideration. Thirdly, the political, cultural and economic risk in South Korea will be presented. After considering all those factors of South Korea, the same issues will be involved in evaluating Nigeria. Firstly, it will introduce a brief introduction of Nigeria as well. Secondly, this report will show the legal system of Nigeria which is completely different from South Korea. Thirdly, the political, cultural and economic risk in Nigeria will be comprehensive evaluated. In addition, at the end of this report will have a clear recommendation to tell readers which country should be selected to investment. 1. Introduction of South Korea South Korea is located in the northeast Asian continent, which lack of mineral resources and natural resources (Additives for Ploymers, 2010). Therefore, their main industrial raw material depends on imports. In recent years, the economy maintained a good momentum. Since 1961, Australia and Korea has built the great relationship ( 2011). The economic and trade relations between the two countries is developing rapidly (, 2011). The South Korea is the third export market of Australia ranked after China and Japan. Australia has paid more attention to the economic and safety relationship with South Korea. In 2000, they

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