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Action Hero Short Story Analysis Point of view: The story is told in first person point of view by the protagonist and the person is omniscient because they know everything going on in the story. Character: The physical characteristic of the main character is that he is around his early 20’s, young man, and not very confident in himself. He plays a major role in the story. Setting: The story takes set in a neighborhood near a market at around night time. Plot: A young man went out to get some ice cream at a neighborhood when he was hailed by a man from across the street. So he goes to him thinking he needs directions. He didn’t think the guy was any harm by the way he was dressed which was very professional. Turns out the guy had a gun and pointed it at him and tried to take him in the car. The main character was hesitant and found a way to focus the intentions of the criminal by telling him to take his stuff in which the thief did. As this was going on a couple came out a restaurant so the thief decided to flee the scene, the protagonist thought by shouting out to the couple they would help him get his stuff so he ran after the thief and the couple didn’t help which led to him getting shot. Even though he ran after the thief thinking he was going to get help people didn’t know that and they called him brave and he took that title on even though he knows the truth of why he really went after the guy. Theme: One theme is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Because the protagonist saw the antagonist dressed professionally he assumed that the guy was no harm. Also another theme is just because people can help you, doesn’t mean that they will. This is because he thought the couple were going to help him catch the thief which caused him to put himself in danger. He learned a valuable lesson not to assume that people will do things for you. Conflict:

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