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Why strong leadership in business organizations is a good thing Introduction According to Biech (2007, p53), globalization has brought about various changes in the business world. Changes in workforce, technology, customers and the increasing competition in business organizations have created the need for strong leadership in these institutions. Burke and Cooper (2006, p83) argue that even the simplest and smallest business organizations in today’s changing business world are not easy to run. Burke and Cooper point out that in order to make use of business capital, human resource, effective policies and procedures, business organizations need not only to be managed but effectively led. In order to ensure effective change management and enhance performance, business organizations need strong leaders. Biech (2007, p55) points out that every successful business in this 21st century is heavily reliant on strong leadership. A strong leader within a business organization is able to have clear organizational vision, enhance employee motivation, and manage change. In line with this argument, this paper aims to explain the various factors that make strong leadership in business organizations a good thing. Strong leaders for improved performance and organizational success Burns (2004, p59) argues that business organizations which have strong and great leaders achieve want they want, great results. Many business owners have realized the importance of strong leaders in their organization, as they form the crucial element for good performance and organizational success. Strong leaders know how to keep their organizations as simple as possible in order to enhance success (Carneiro 2008, p181). Strong leaders are able to simplify the organization culture in order to ensure that employee easily adapt to it and hence produce good results. Strong leaders have the ability to

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