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MAN0201M Economics of Industry Assessed Coursework Prof Gary Marsh October 2012 Due Date: 3PM Friday, 14th Dec 2012. 1 Assignment Question Diversification Consider the reasons why firms may want to diversify and provide a critical assessment of the economic validity of their reasons for diversifying. Please ensure that you make use of an appropriate economics based theoretical frame-work which employs suitable concepts developed in this course, as well as appropriate examples in support of your answer. 1 Figure 1: White Rabbit (John Tenniel) Figure 2: King of Hearts (John Tenniel) 2 Assignment Guidance The individual assignment for Economics of Industry counts for 30% of the total mark. The assignment should be 1,500 words (maximum), excluding footnotes and bibliogra-phy, to be submitted by the submission deadline. This assignment should be typed using any word-processing software such as MS Word, OpenOffi?ce or LATEX. Write a clearly written document, preferably typed using size 12 fonts. You may typeset your document using double or one-half spacing, but single spaced documents are perfectly acceptable. Leave adequate margins on the sides for comments (at least one inch margins should be allowed). Students are advised to adhere to the published word limits. Students aiming to achieve an unfair advantage through a breach of word limits will be penalised in line with School policy. It is advisable to read a draft prior to fi?nal submission and check your grammar and spelling (use a spellchecker). It is important to pay attention to both structure and content. To paraphrase Aristotle’s argument in Poetics (c. 335 BC): “A whole is that which has beginning, middle and end.” Students are advised to keep in mind the University’s Statement on Academic In-tegrity: [->0][->1]from others in your assessments, you can expect heavy penalties to be

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