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The problem of demics The provide the exceptional levels of customer service; we have to achieve outstanding levels of speed .accuracy and reliability. This can only be achieved with systems that are second to none. Over the past year sales increased significantly, as the business gather pace some areas in the warehouse posed some challenges. Particular issue is that damaged stock through warehouse picking operation. There is no process for managing demics so they took up valuable space in onside warehouse, After an impromptu meeting with Gordon Dakin Warehouse manager, I was embarrassed at the disgraceful situation, which the demics area has been left last week It is no more then a dumping ground for cases which have not taken back and placed within the correct pick location. We are to operate as a team, team pulling together, working together to achieve the same goals. Demics is for cases of stock, which are beyond repair or have damaged stock, or stock missing from the case. The stock which is currently in the demics area, is not all needing the demics team skill in repair. May I respectfully ask, that and your team ,monitor, exactly which stock and condition it is in before it is taken and dumped in the area, as we have five colleagues with in the demics team, which should be sufficient for the essential repair or disposal. Finding solutions: We must quickly set up a process to assess, categorise and prepare stock for: *Returned to pick face *Preparation For rework and or repair *Release through none- conflicting channels *Disposal Benefits • Lean, fast and efficient way to turning potential losses into gains. • Reducing environmental waste • Valuable information • Impact on merchandising • Providing product performance • Repair and repacking • Freeing up warehouse space As a result we will be able to

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