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A college of business major that interests me is sports business. That interests me because; well that is my major for college. Reason why I choose so is because I want to do something in the business field as my career and why not sports business when you have grown up and played sports your whole life. With a business degree I could work at pretty much any franchise, small business, etc. A career that really interests me In the sports business field would be like a pro baseball team general manger or even a pro scout for a baseball team, for me that would be a great career because I love the game of baseball and I played from age 4 to age 18. As a GM of a pro baseball team your salary could range from $500,000 to 10,000,000 a year, that’s a lot of money to do something you love, it could also be stressful though because of traveling all the time or maybe your team is struggling. As the GM of pro baseball team you are very responsible for your team and are expected a lot from the president of your team, if you are not doing the job right, you’ll get fired, plain and simple. Your job as the GM is several things in one year, he has to determine what players are going to play minor/major league ball, he will determine what trades he’s going to make, how much the player’s salaries will be, he will draft players in the yearly draft, and last but not least create a daily line up for your team, the best 9 players on the field every day that will get your team a win. To be a GM you have to have a business/sports business degree, you have to be very responsible because you make trades, create line ups, give the ball players salaries, etc. There are a couple of skills required to be a GM and I already have a couple of them and I am working on others. I am responsible and I am really good with working with people, and I honestly think I have the confidence to

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