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Business ethics:   It isn’t just about the law.
Cathy F. Roberts
Professor Robert Zimmerman
Business 290 Ethics
June 09, 2009

Business ethics is an important issue that has been brought into question the validity and integrity of business corporations as well as our government throughout the world. The analysis of this topic is to examine why it is important to the strength of our modern day society as it affects the everyday lives of the citizens.   There are positive and negative effects that the lack of business ethics has proven to have a lasting effect on our economy and value system.   A law mandates that ethical practices take place but from the headlines for the past 5 years show that it is beyond law. Ethics has to be embedded in a corporation that will stand when unethical situations present themselves.
Many issues have arisen that have individuals to examine the business ethics of large corporations. When the law stops who or what system picks up when the law is not “watching”: what reliable safe guard can be in place to ensure that things are being done fairly and correctly? Where do the ethics come from within companies, in terms of accountability?   Should and are moral values being applied when doing business? Should there be more collaboration between government and companies when deciding what’s ethical for the common good of the majority? Are ethic sacrificed for money?   Ethics should be the driving force in business because anything less leads to corruption, mismanagement and collateral damage to those associated within the company and the community in which it is entangled.
Enormous businesses can cause accountability to be streamlined because there is no one watching the day-to-day operations. (Caylor, 2008)   Those who are in leadership are ultimately in charge of setting a standard for the ethics and morals within the business. (Caylor, 2008)
The staff takes the lead of those who are deemed the leaders in the organization...

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