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This article is about perceived diversity and organizational performance between employees’ perceptions of diversity within senior management, management and non-management levels of their organizations and their perceptions of organizational performance. The company did a survey among 391 managers and professionals in 130 organizations located in the southeastern United States to determine their perceptions of diversity within their company. Regression analysis found strong support for the hypothesis that employee perceptions of diversity at the senior management level of an organization is related to perceptions of organizational performance. While some organization embrace diversity, others still consider it as an issue of compliance with legal requirements. In order to be more effective and understand and cater to the needs of the rapidly growing base of minority consumers, businesses must have a more diverse workforce. Researchers like [28] Thomas (1991) defines diversity as a mixture of differences some of what are visible, such as race, gender, or age; while others are less visible, like education levels, sexual orientation, ways of thinking, or personal values and benefit system. In order to view diversity through the perceptions of employees we must consider perceive diversity as opposed to the actual diversity. We can capitalize on the intricate and multidimensional nature of diversity. Even though we distinguish between actual and perceived diversity ([8] Harrison et al... 2002: [24]. [25] Rosenblum 1986: [32] Wayne and Linden 1995). The findings lend support to the need to consider employee perceptions in order to understand the role of diversity within an organization. As with many things in life perception is reality. The very definition of diversity varies with one’s perception. Diversity is composed of many dimensions such as race, gender, religious

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