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Faiq Lodhi (I090780) Hira Nooran (I090796) Mehr Masood (I090644) Sara Rizwan (I090651) Section: N Ms. Sana Bilal 31st-October-‘09 Position Paper Carl Schmidt and Steven McFadden found Dirt Bikes USA in 1991. They developed frames for dirt bikes that were more suited to off-road handling and started using these frames to build their own dirt bike models using motorcycle engines manufactured by other companies, such as Honda and Rotax Motors of Austria. The interest generated by these bikes caused the founders a production facility that could manufacture large numbers of their dirt bikes for the retail market. They opened a small production facility in Carbondale which has since expanded to house 120 workers involved in production, design, and engineering and a corporate sales and administrative staff of close to 20 employees. Over the years Dirt Bikes USA has enhanced and expanded its product line to include dirt bike models optimized for racing and for off-road recreational use. This company is headquartered in Carbondale and manufactures its own brands of motorcycles. The family type atmosphere, attention to detail and quality and continual learning and innovation has caused Dirt Bikes to be one of the automobile top companies. Their ambitious goals and the constant urge to improve their services and products and novel cutting edge technology will definitely thrust them to the top of the market. Dirt Bikes is privately owned with Carl serving as CEO and Steven as President and Chief Operating Officer. About 120 employees work in design, engineering and production, including 3 full-time product designers and 3 engineers. In addition to a 4-person parts department, Dirt Bikes maintain a ten-person service department to service warranties and customer problems with parts and motorcycle performance. Five employees work in Dirt

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