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| College Essay One | A New Life | | | 2/28/2012 | | What was the most difficult time in your life? How did you overcome these difficulties? Within the course of anybody’s life everybody has problems and difficult times. But the only thing that sets people apart is how they overcome those problems. The most difficult time that I have had in my life was when I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota when I was 15 years old. This time was difficult for me because I had to get to know new teachers, make new friends, and learn how to navigate around a brand new city. Now this is my story. On July 4, 2010 my mother sent me to Minneapolis, Minnesota to go live with my father. I had not lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota since I was eight years old so this took a long time to get used to. I felt very uncomfortable like an alien coming into a new world. Within two months my father had me enrolled into a brand new school called Thomas A. Edison High School. To me this meant I had to get back on track with school and I was under the wings of new teachers. A new teacher means different teaching styles and curriculums that I was not used too. This was difficult for me because I was so accustomed to Georgia Standards and exceeding them that I was slightly falling behind in my school work in Minnesota. Not only did moving to Minnesota mean new teachers but it also meant new friends. I did not make any new friends until I started school in September. I was very lonely and bored because without friends what is life? Upon entering school I did end up making a few close friends. These new friends of mine were the friends that I told everything to and did everything with. Although I had these new friends I did miss all of my friends in Georgia. This was a situation that I had that was difficult to overcome but I overcame it with motivation and a few phone calls to my

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