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Week 3 Reflection Summary In week two, the class focused on databases and e-commerce on how they are used. Through our discussion in class, our team has learned about the databases and e-commerce and how we used them in our daily lives. In our first discussion question we identified how databases are used and why. I have learned databases are an organized collection of data, which are used for certain purposes by an organization. As businesses continue to grow the use of databases are increasingly being implemented into organization to make the overall business operate efficiently. Databases are used for tracking and storing information to imply some kind of measurability, availability, accuracy, and usability. However, to maintain databases it takes a lot of work and information must be entered into it daily. As a result databases can improve productivity and work can be done more efficiently. The second discussion question we identified how e-commerce is used and the different types. Technology has made our everyday duties more effective and efficient. I have learned E-commerce is the process of managing business electronically, which means that transactions are done without paper and by electronic means, via the Internet. E-Commerce is not a new concept, however, with the Internet the use of e-commerce has increased significantly. Businesses and consumers are now doing business through e-commerce there are many benefits of e-commerce. For example, it is speedy, promotes simplicity, connects potential customers and suppliers, open 24 hours and 7 days a week, and increase revenues. In addition, E- commerce system also allow consumers to pay bills via the Internet, which include water, power bills, gas, Internet, phone services, mortgage payments, and vehicle payments. E-commerce is on the rise and is an essential role in the way in which products and services

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