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Creating a High Performance Culture This material is rich and covered various aspects as it relates to vision, strategy and culture. Brief definition of vision can be defined as a realistic achievable future as to where the company is heading. Strategy: Can be defined as a long-term plan on how to achieve future goals Culture: This is simply the way a company operates. It can be related to its customs, attitude, values and practices. The text referred to how a company can be successfully and more profitable by addressing some important factors. The author Michael Wriston stressed that if a company is not able to make provisions to adapt to a certain successful methodology; it would lead to organization mediocrity, bankruptcy or even oblivion. He listed four components necessary to achieve a sustainable long-term success. 1. Collaborative environment 2. A culture of accountability 3. Focus 4. Robust Process I chose this text because reading through it, it threw some insights into why companies fail and succeed. For any company to succeed they need to adapt this concept. There has to be an enabling environment for any business to succeed. The employees have to feel the need that their inputs are not only welcomed but also valued and acted upon. This gives them a sense of ownership and pride. Accountability is also very important for an organization to succeed. Once people feel that there is a sense of accountability and actions are addressed and rewarded, they would be receiving a direct feedback and know where they stand. Focus is very important. This is the ability to direct your attention exactly to where you want to go as it relates to vision. This entails that you are not getting distracted by non-productive or unachievable goals but streamlining your organization to where you need to be as a company. This would then lead to a robust

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