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I started looking around to find someone to interview but everyone I talked to seemed to have very few ethical issues at their work places. Then I remembered my dad and remember all the ethical issues we had to deal with on a daily bases. My dad runs a small business renting out homes to people around San Jose and South Lake Tahoe. Some of the ethical issues that have to be dealt with are when to kick tenets out, how much to make tenets pay for rents, if we allow certain things in the homes, how to keep the house safe, and what we require of our tenets. Every tenet eventually has to move out of the homes. In order to find the right time to get rid of a tenet from the house you have to look at a bunch of differ information. Like how polite the tenet is, does the tenet pay the rent on time, do they do drugs in the house, and do they take care of the house. There are also other reason that people are kicked out of a house. The owner maybe selling the house or the house needs severe maintenance such as new water pipes or a new roof. However the most importance reason for a tenet to have to leave is weather the tenet is able to afford the rent. My dad does not have many problems with the price of rent. Our houses are usually kept at the lower end of the market price. A landlord has to decide what rent that he wants to set. It is very important to set the rent at a correct price because it decides what kind of tenets that will be looking at the house. First thing that must be done is to look at the prices of other rentals in the surrounding area then you must decide if the people that you are looking to rent the home can afford the rent that is set. It is very important to decide what a landlord allows in the house because of the liability. If children are aloud into the houses then they could potentially get hurt and or die. If animals are aloud into the houses they

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