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Written Report 2. Action plan a) Situational Analysis: * Bella Café’ * Small business * The Prime Function of Bella Café’ is to provide great tasting beverages like Italian espresso’s, flavored milkshakes and ice teas, a variety of pastries and home cooked sweets like fruit cakes and Italian desserts at competitive prices. * In 6 months time I would like my business to become well known and have a great reputation. I would like for Bella Café’ to become a franchise and in the near future to possibly become world wide. The establishment will provide a "complete, high-quality" evening experience for those searching for something that is rapidly becoming popular. Not only will people be able to dine on "comfort" food based upon time honored recipes from the world overThe cafe's aim is simple. It will provide a completely sophisticated, sensual, yet casual dining and/or coffeehouse experience for the many Atlantans and visitors who frequent the city's casual dining spots and entertainment venues. It will be an affordable venture for patrons, one that will encourage them to return on many occasions. * Bella Café’ would be located in Pyrmont, because it is a part of darling harbor, which is a main attraction for tourists, and is also right next to the Sydney CBD. * The Legal structure I have chosen is a partnership because they are relatively easy to establish and manage. There will be 3 people working with me as I’ll find it much more easier to run with one person taking care of the shop, one taking care of all the stock and suppliers, and the other will take care of the balance sheets. A partnership can also be cost effective as each partner specializes in a certain aspect of the business, and they provide moral support which allows for more creativity in the business. However the profits are split and you are liable for your partner’s

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