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Hello to all the nominations. I, Derrick Rollins, am running for candidacy for this overseas assignment in China. One of the ways I can improve the business venture over in China is by deceasing the employee turnover. According to Zimmerman & Buck (2009), “employee turnover in China has risen continuously since the 1990s and has increased even more dramatically since the end of the Asian crisis in 1998 (p. 2271). With that in mind, I will focus on the employee’s commitment level by evaluating what their goals and their skill level. Some of the challenges that we will face with related to cultural values are the human resource practices that are involved. According to Zimmerman & Buck (2009), “US firms were likely to have individual-based pay, large internal wage disparities, and less permanent employment contracts than Japanese firms” (p. 2276). As the number candidacy, I will look for a way that Chinese employees can increase their internal wages. “Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and overseas Chinese citizens share parts of their cultural and historical heritage. Coming from the United States, our team must learn their heritage and beliefs. After completing the Work Preference Questionnaire, I results totaled to thirty-four points. I gave a six for questions three and four stating that working in a group is better than working alone and I like to interact with others when working on projects. Working with this team in China will benefit everyone because no one will alone. Teamwork is the key to accomplish our goals for a successful joint venture. After completing the Team Roles Preference Scale, my results show that I scored a twelve for encourager, eleven for gatekeeper, eleven for harmonizer, eight for initiator, and ten for summarizer. Encourager being the highest for my assessment indicates that I will build and sustain better enthusiasm and

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