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Describing your dream job. 1. Physical setting and environment in which you would like to spend your working hours. 2. Types of activities and responsibilities you would like to spend your time performing. 3. Kinds of people you would like to be working with. 4. Personal goals and accomplishments you would like to achieve as part of your work. My dream job would be being the owner of a high-end resturaunt in down-town NYC. I would like this restaurant to be very classy but not to classy. It should be a place that everyone can go and feel comfortable. I don’t want people to feel like they are out of place. It should be a laid back atmosphere, with prices that are for everyone, but amazing quizine. The food on the menu should be from every aspect. From cheeseburgers to escargot. Something for everyone and for everyone’s wallet. The décor should be upbeat and happy, not drab and boring. Not depressing. The people that work at this restaurant should be energetic and happy. They have to give the best service, so that people feel like they are with friends when they are dining. I want the customers to always feel like they are important when they are at my restaurant. They should never have to wait for their food or service. As the owner, I would be responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly. I know that I would need to be a part of every aspect of the restaurant from ordering food too hiring employees to making sure the customers are satisfied. I would want everyone to feel like I am always there in case there is a problem. Making sure my employees are happy and doing their jobs to the best they can. My first personal goal is to finish school, so that I know all about owning a business. My second goal is to be more confident in myself; sometimes I am real hard on myself. So I need to work on that. My last goal is to be successful; I

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