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Most aggravated assault are committed with _____. (Points : 5) knives firearms blunt objects hands 2. Which stage of the criminal justice process examines issues of fact and law for the purpose of reaching a judgment of conviction or acquittal of the defendant(s)? (Points : 5) first appearance arrest trial sentencing 3. Which model of criminal justice assumes that the efforts of the component parts of the system are fragmented, leading to a criminal justice nonsystem? (Points : 5) crime-control model due-process model conflict model consensus model 4. What is the most common form of larceny? (Points : 5) purse snatching pocket-picking stealing motor vehicle parts stealing from coin-operated machines 5. For which of the following crimes would you find information in the National Crime Victimization Survey? (Points : 5) kidnapping murder robbery victimless crimes 6. If a defendant waives the right to a jury trial, what type of trial will he or she have? (Points : 5) administrative bench peer attorney 7. In the criminal justice process, a(n) _____ has to occur before a(n) _____ can take place. (Points : 5) trial; arraignment first appearance; arrest arrest; booking sentence; trial 8. A murderer who kills at two or more locations with almost no time break between murders is a _____. (Points : 5) spree killer mass murderer serial murderer multiplex murderer 9. The killing of four or more victims at one location within one event is termed _____. (Points : 5) manslaughter involuntary manslaughter serial murder

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