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Business Essay

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        Today that the business world is in its past paced and in a more competitive climate, many businesses are facing many unique challenges.   (1992) has identified these challenges: (1) the challenge of international competition, (2) the challenge of new technologies, (3) the challenge of increased quality, (4) the challenge of employee motivation and commitment, (5) the challenge of managing a diverse workforce, (6) the challenge of ethical behavior. For the survival and competitiveness of the company, organizations and managers must meet all these challenges.   Problems like this hinder the efficient operation of the company and its productivity. Business competencies are required to meet these challenges. Such problems need attention and immediate solution.
If the business fails to meet these challenges, the company will surely experience declining market, efficiencies and profit. Business group has assured us that those are preventable, what we need is find the roots of all cause. Company should focus in exhausting possible initiatives. The challenge of ethical behavior will be the focus of this essay. Ethical problems in an organization continue everyday.   (1961);   (1977) stated that ethical behavior at the organizational and individual level has been of considerable interest to researchers for the past two decades.   There is no doubt that this challenge has a profound impact on the dynamic and performance of the company (1992). In order to meet a challenge like this we must first understand (1) what is ethical behavior and its impact in workplace. (2) what are the reasons for the development of unethical behavior in an organization? (3) does competition destroy ethical behavior? (4) What could be the possible solutions for unethical behavior?

        For us to understand what ethical behavior is it is necessary to define and...

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