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ABSTRACT Abstract of this research proposal represent to the faculty of business and management, Open Universiti of Malaysia for the requirement for Bachelor In Accountancy. THE ANALYSIS OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT IN SHELL BERHAD IN KUALA LUMPUR. By This report is about the Strategic Management of Shell Berhad. I have identified the strength, weaknesses, opportunity and treats of Shell Berhad. In order to reach the conclusion, I have use SWOT and PEST and competitive forces. Regarding the analysis, I have taken the research on the industry analysis (EFE) which indicating the average of strength and the weaknesses of the company. In order to obtain the information needed for this research, two methods of date have been used that the primary data and secondary data. The primary data have been collected through questionnaire and interview. The questionnaire is distributed to the selected staff of Shell Berhad and the costumers of Shell Berhad. An interview is done with Madam Herlena Clair, Human Resources Manager of Shell Berhad. The secondary data has been collected from the internet and several external sources including book, journal and article. The research taken on internal analysis, found the number of internal strength from the environment are the organization are well know establish, have strong management team, increase the morale, teamwork commitment, employee turnover job orientation, niche market, financial ratio, increase free cash flows, long range planning and high quality production. The internal weaknesses of Shell Berhad has lot competitor such as Petronas, BP, ESSO and DESPO. Beside that from research that has been conducted, Shell Berhad Staff has performed good quality service to their customers. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT BY THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE MOST GRACIOUS AND THE MOST MERCIFUL

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