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Quick Internship Résumé Answers What is a Résumé? A résumé is a document, usually one page in length, which serves as your introduction to prospective employers. A résumé is your personal marketing tool, and it is critical that it be error-free and organized in an attractive manner in order to draw the attention of a busy employer. Most employers require a résumé as part of your internship application process. particular career field of interest. An internship résumé helps the employer place your current level of knowledge and skill development in your college educational process. The focus for an internship résumé is not on knowledge and discipline specific skills, but on the academic background and transferable skills you will be able to apply in an internship setting. Transferable skills like interpersonal communication, teamwork, initiative, and selfdirected leadership are gained through campus involvement and employment during the school year and college breaks. internship résumés Optimal Resume The Career Development Center only reviews résumés through Optimal Resume. A link to this free online tool is located on the Career Development website. For assistance with creating and formatting your résumé, contact the Career Development Center. How is an Internship Résumé Different from other Résumés? The goal of your internship résumé is to help you obtain practical experience to compliment your academic experience in a What's Inside? Transferable Skills Action Verbs Résumé Examples 2 2 3-6 20 Seconds! " Twenty seconds. That's how long, on average, your résumé is reviewed. This is why it is often the form, and not the substance, of your résumé that gets the most attention. So, you'll have to make yours errorproof, clean, and well designed just to get past the first five seconds." G.L. Hoffman "HR Gives Your Resume 20 Seconds" US News & World

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