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busi201 Group Project – Part 1 latest 2016 Click Link Below To Buy: http://hwcampus.com/shop/busi201-group-project-part-1-latest-2016/ Or Visit www.hwcampus.com Group Project – Part 1 Instructions Your pastor has learned that you are taking a course in which you are learning about Excel. He has asked your team for assistance in developing a budget for the church using Excel. He would like a budget that will not only list out the basic expenses of the church, but will also allow for some advanced analysis. Requirements: 1.Budget(Relevant chapters – Excel 1–4, 6) a. Using Excel, create a budget for a church with an appealing format that will identify the income/expenses of the church. This can be a yearly budget or a monthly budget (or both). b.…show more content…
Name this spreadsheet Budget. 2.Chart(Relevant chapters – Excel 5, 7) a. Develop a chart related to the budget information. b. Format the chart effectively so that it is easy to read and understand and uses an appropriate chart type. c. Name this spreadsheet Chart. 3.Purchase(Relevant chapters – Excel 3, 6, 8) a. On its own spreadsheet, consider a large purchase that the church wishes to make (e.g. a new vehicle, a building, land, etc.). b. Create a plan for this purchase that incorporates the following: several options for purchase, the PMT or other financial function, What-If Analyses including a Data Table, and a Scenario Summary created using the Scenario Manager that will analyze variables of your choosing. c. Name this spreadsheet Purchase. 4.Members(Relevant chapters – Excel 5, 6, 8) a. On a new spreadsheet, create a listing of at least 50 church members and their information. This can include basic demographic fields such as name, address, small group membership, etc. b. Convert the data to an Excel table and apply appropriate sorting and filtering. Create a PivotTable from this information that will emphasize data of your choosing. c. Name this spreadsheet Members. Things to

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