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BUSI 1402: Introduction to Business Information and Communication Technologies Assignment 1: Problem-Solving Due: Sunday, January 27th , 2012 @ 10:00PM Worth: 5% Overview In Elgan’s recent story (2012), he questions whether Apple is lost without Steve Jobs. Deliverables Please answer the following questions (in a Word Document) within the context of the framework on Problem-solving discussed in class (total 50 points): 1. [20 points] Identify the problem: According to you, what is the problem described in this article. Clearly in one paragraph [100 words maximum] state the problem as you understand it. 2. [20 points] Please write [150 words maximum] in one or two paragraphs indicating if you agree (or disagree) with the author’s arguments and why. You can make an argument indicating partial agreement to some of their points as well. 3. [10 points] Creatively identify alternative ways to solve the problem and write one paragraph for each one of three possible alternative solutions [50 words maximum per solution]. Save the word document with the following name: B1402x-W13-A1-CUSN.docx, where x is your section number, CUSN your Carleton University Student Number; e.g., if you are in section G and your student number is: 100111111 then your word document should be saved as: B1402G-W13-A1-100111111.docx References: Elgan, M. (2012). Is Apple lost without Steve Jobs? Computerworld, September 21, 2012 – available at http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9231286/Is_Apple_lost_without_Steve_Jobs Keep a backup copy of your file in case the original cannot be accessed. If your TA requests to see the backup, you need to arrange to deliver it personally during your schedule lab since it’s the only way we can confirm the date of the last update. Once you submit your file DO NOT OPEN THE BACKUP FILE! Marking Scheme In this

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